21 Years of Experience and Knowledge

The skills requested in 2018 demands a high level of flexibility and challenges the ability to adapt to rapid leaps in technology. Where, in 1997, a deep knowledge of hardware was a must, these skills are much less relevant today. Instead it is vital to possess skills in Virtualization, Cloud, IT Security and GDPR as well as Software Architecture. Danicon has, of course, stayed current so we able to meet our customers’ demands in 2018.

Cognitive Computing (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is no longer exclusively in the domain of large corporations. With IBM Watson it is now possible for companies of all sizes to extract important information from unstructured sources like E-mail, Word documents or chat-dialogues from the company’s web based customer support portal.

Danicon can assist you throughout the entire process, from identifying your needs through constructing the necessary knowledge model, to designing and implementing the systems where the model will be employed.

Click the button to read IBM’s case study of our Watson AI solution for the shipping industry.

Data Migration

Migrating data from one platform to another can be a complex task, whether you are simply moving data between internal systems or you are migrating data to the Cloud.

Many companies experience this for the first time, when they wish to move their company E-mail from an internal system to Office 365.

Danicon has many years’ experience with migrating data between both homogeneous and heterogeneous systems.

Java and Cloud Development

Java is the ideal software language for web- and Cloud-based applications. We design and develop solutions based on Java that may reside fully in the Cloud or solutions that interface to Cloud-based systems and APIs developed by a third party.

IT Security

A report prepared by Zogby Analytics shows that many investors are hesitant about investing in a company that has been hacked or had its intellectual property stolen – and they are even less likely to invest in a company that has had its clients’ data compromised.

Danicon provides solutions for securing networks and data, e.g. Two-factor Authentication solutions, and we can advise and assist in conjunction with implementation of GDPR.